Sustainable Supply Chain Management Model for Residual Agro-forestry Biomass supported in an Web Platform


The objective of BioAgroFloRes is to propose solutions that encourage the valorization of residual agro-forest biomass (BAFR) in the production of thermal/electrical energy or as a raw material for other industries (e.g. pellet or fertilizer industries).

Starting Date: 2021

Number of Partners: 7

Total Budget: 247K€

The functional prototype of an intelligent Web platform called W@BioAgroFloRes will be developed, which assists stakeholders involved in biomass AC in two relevant real problems:

1. How to stimulate and bring together supply and demand for BAFR? The BioAgroFloRes solution will include a biomass market to connect supply and demand, helping small farmers and landowners and public and private entities to find a final destination for their BAFR, supporting them in the process of making raw materials available, through permanent updating of information in real time;

2. How to configure and plan BAFR CA over a given time horizon (e.g. decide modes of transport to use, distribution alternatives and determine the ideal location for different types of installations)?

BioAgroFloRes also aims to contribute to the achievement of several EU strategic and structural objectives, including those related to job creation, fire prevention and surveillance, resource-efficient circular economy, renewable energy consumption and innovation for green infrastructure. BioAgroFloRes aims to help Portugal formulate a more coherent strategy for BAFR, reducing combustible loads that fuel difficult-to-control fires.

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