Sustainable and Digital Factories & Services

Sustainable and Digital Factories & Services

Our goal is to support the intersection of scientific topics of industrial engineering, management, and entrepreneurship. We seek to develop and create innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency, quality, and sustainability across industries, services and economic sectors (e.g. manufacturing, healthcare, maritime, food industry, and urban logistics). Our core competences are:

  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Decision Science
  • Human-System Interaction
  • Ergonomics
  • Occupational Safety and Security
  • Quality Engineering
  • Lean-green
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Resilient and Risk Management
  • Innovation
  • Digitalization
  • Digital Platforms
  • Entrepreneurship

Some current Research Challenges SDF&S researchers are addressing:

  • How can the digital transition be leveraged in decarbonizing the economy and in promoting inclusive and sustainable growth?

  • How can digital and smart technologies support flexible, fast responsive, trustworthy and sustainable value chains?

  • How can artificial intelligence and smart data analytics improve the quality of processes, products and services?

  • How can artificial intelligence and smart data analytics support the decision-making process of resource management in digital factories?

  • How can computer vision, virtual reality and artificial intelligence support the design of human-centered configurable technological systems, optimized by the profile of the human agents and operators?