What is the UNIDEMI?

UNIDEMI was created in 2003 as a research unit of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

Our ultimate goal is to produce research with high impact in the global scientific community, in the industry, services and society on the scientific domains of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Management & Entrepreneurship.

Since 2021 UNIDEMI is one of the thirteen R&D units that encompasses the Intelligent Systems Associate Laboratory (LASI).

Research Areas

Advanced Manufacturing (AM)

Development on core competences in innovative and customized advanced manufacturing processes

Design, Experimentation and Simulation in Engineering (DESE)

Development on core competences related to mechanical design, structural optimisation, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics

Sustainable and Digital Factories and Services (SDF&S)

Development on competences related to industrial systems, management and entrepreneurship domains

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