Advanced Manufacturing


Advanced Manufacturing

Development of core competences on Advanced Manufacturing Processes, developing knowledge in the following scientific domains:

  • Aiming at Zero Defects Manufacturing (ZDM)
  • On-line process monitoring and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection
  • Consideration of energy efficiency and health and safety aspects of manufacturing activities
  • Merging of NDT, Welding and Additive Manufacturing

Some current Research Challenges AM researchers are addressing:

  • How to develop variants of Additive Manufacturing by WAAM?
  • How to improve Friction Stir Welding and Processing?
  • How to manufacture NiTi components using Joule effect processing?
  • How to improve inspection of micro surface defects on high performance materials and engineering components?
  • How to inspect Additive Manufacturing parts, both metallic and composites?
  • How to perform characterization and damage quantification for composite materials?
  • How does 3D printing technologies perform regarding mechanical properties?