UIDB/00667/2022 (UNIDEMI-IDT-11)

This project aims at developing a situation room for research and capacity building of complex decisions in uncertainty. Using scenario analyisis supported by digital technologies (information systems, data analytics and machine learning) to emulate complex decision-making scenarios.

Starting Date: nov 2022

Number of Partners: 3

Total Budget: 17K€

Project main objetives:
a) Enhance the situation room to develop crisis scenarios in Portugal, promoting training to support complex decisions.

b) Carry out a preparation exercise for climate crisis situations, promoting the training of digital leaders for agile and concerted action by actors on the ground. Study the collection of information from different sources, how to combine it for decision making and evaluate its impact and consequences.

c) Validate the indicators (risk, resilience, value) collected during the various scenario sessions and which will be used to evaluate performance/value (M. Peyroteo’s Thesis).

d) Scenario supported by tableau and integration via App to share information with participants. The METHIS platform will be used with integration with Tableau software.

e) Enhance the use of alert systems in decision scenarios, to support decision-makers in resilience and coordination between teams of decision-makers;

f) Develop an evaluation system with performance indicators to evaluate the response to scenarios, with possible value for partners.