SLM-XL – Additive manufacturing system for large metal parts

08/SI/2015 N.°003346

The SLM-XL project is based on the development of an AM machine for larger metal parts using a specific technology – the SLM. This is a technology that uses a high power density laser to join by metallic powders by melting them, thus delivering a solid piece in 3D.

Starting Date: 2016

Number of Partners: 5

Total Budget: 1.357M€

The SLM-XL project aimed to develop a piece of equipment for the additive manufacturing of large metallic parts/components using laser technology for the process of joining metallic powders. Additive manufacturing, referred to worldwide as the precursor of the third industrial revolution, has a growing role in industry in developed countries and the trend is to evolve towards the manufacture of large components, particularly for the automotive and aeronautical industries.

To execute the project, a wide range of complementary technical-scientific skills were brought together through the creation of a consortium that includes co-promoters of the national scientific and technological system involved – INEGI, IST-UTL, FCTUNL – and international consultancy via Fraunhofer ILT, and the companies involved – ADIRA MFS (Leader Promoter) and Manuel Conceição Graça – which have technological capabilities and experience proven by their long history in the development/industrialization of advanced equipment and manufacturing of components for demanding sectors of activity, respectively.