PhD student, Filipa Cunha, is one of the 4 finalists of the Young Stress Analyst Competition


Student Filipa Cunha, supervised by Professor José Xavier and Professor Telmo G. Santos, participated in the 16th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics at the University of Oxford, organized by the British Society for Strain Measurement, where she was one of the 4 finalists for Young Stress Analyst Competition, a competition whose main objective is to reward students in their investigations and has Airbus UK as a sponsor.

The award-winning work was entitled “On material identification of Pinus pinaster Ait. at high strain rate loading by the image-based inertial impact test” and aimed to identify the constitutive properties of the wood of the Pinus Pinaster Ait species. (maritime pine), subject to high deformation rates, using the inertial impact test.
This research work was developed in collaboration with the University of Southampton, within the scope of the PhotoDyn project: Innovative photomechanical approaches in material testing, coordinated by Professor Fabrice Pierron.