MarLEM -Maritime Logistics Engineering and Management

NUMBER 863713

MarLEM (Maritime Logistics Engineering and Management) has its genesis on a very particular identification of specific growing skills gap affecting particular knowledge intensive sectors, in this case Port and Maritime, such as skills mismatch between labour market needs and the output of educational institutions, and a lack of communication and cooperation between education and industry to efficiently align supply and demand.

Starting Date: 2019

Number of Partners: 8

Total Budget: 811K€

With its foundations rooted on previous projects in this area, MarLEM aims at addressing these specific identified needs and gaps, namely: Skills mismatch and lack of communication and cooperation between education and industry.

Based on this context, MarLEM’s objective is to design, structure and develop a Master Course in the field of Logistics Engineering and Management, applied to the large EU maritime-port space, with particular focus on the following areas of knowledge:
• Strategic Logistics;
• Business Analysis and Maritime-Port Processes Analysis;
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Sea;
• Systems Integration – Integrated Logistics;
• Sustainability and Resilience of the Supply Chain;
• Operational Logistics – Maritime-Port space logistics’ domains;
• Integrated Logistics Support;
• Systems Engineering.

MarLEM will have the expected outcomes:
• Joint Master Course program in Maritime Logistics Engineering and Management;
• Collaboration platform between Industry and Academia;
• A Knowledge Triangle Network involving Industry, Universities and port/maritime/education Authorities (IUA network).

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