ks4MAQ – Specific Cutting Energy Expressions for energy rationalization in machining

UIDB/00667/2020 (UNIDEMI-IDT-02)

This exploratory project aims to contribute to the increase in energy-sustainable engineering practices, with direct application to the injection molding industry,through the creation of mathematical models to estimate the specific cutting energy in the machining of injection molds, and the establishment of a methodology for different types of tools and different materials.

Starting Date: fev 2021

Number of Partners: 1

Total Budget: 14,3K€

Manufacturing processes and activities contribute significantly to industrial energy consumption, which consume approximately 90% of total industrial energy. Machining processes are a major part of manufacturing industries and are both energy wasting and inefficient.

The energy efficiency of machining processes is low and is typically less than 30%. Therefore, it is critical that manufacturing enterprises reduce energy consumption of machining processes, which will force process planners to improve their understanding of energy consumption for different tools and materials.

With the consolidation of knowledge in competing areas, this project will contribute through the creation of promising and strategic methodologies that will allow the transfer of technology that is not expected to be restricted to the mold industry.

The EU has identified priority challenges where investment directed towards research and innovation can produce a real impact for the benefit of citizens, one of which focuses on climate action and efficiency in the use of resources and raw materials, on which this project focuses center.

The project is aligned with the major financing areas of the Horizon Europe program, particularly with regard to companies, investing in innovation to support the green economy, promoting innovation, efficiency and competitiveness of companies.