In-situ sensorization of additively manufactured parts – A preliminar aprouch (ISAM)


The project aims to validate producing flexible polymeric components with embedded sensors using FFF. By combining structural parts and sensors in one step, it reduces production time, advancing smart components, especially in low-cost prosthetics. This enables data collection, and improves low cost external prosthetics.

Starting Date: 2023

Number of Partners: 0

Total Budget: 19,5K€

The project aims to validate the concept of producing flexible polymeric components with embedded in-situ sensing solely through the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication).

Producing both the structural part of the component and the embedded sensor in a single production step. By doing so, the project seeks to reduce production cycle time, thereby contributing to the advancement of smart structural components.

Specifically, it aims to advance technology in the production of low-cost functional external prostheses by integrating sensors directly into the prosthetic devices during additive manufacturing (3D printing). This innovative approach not only enhances structural integrity but also facilitates data collection and transmission, potentially improving the functionality of prosthetic devices while lowering production costs.