Hi2Trust – 2nd generation platform for high-performance component inspections temperatures

08/SI/2015 N.°3335

The main objective of the HI2TRUST project was the development of capabilities innovative inspection and monitoring of critical components in operation and subject to adverse conditions operating at high temperatures and pressures. As a case of industrial validation of the system, the paper and pulp production industry, through the reference industrial group THE NAVIGATOR COMPANY, as it has a diversity of practical cases representing industrial applications that require this type of inspection

Starting Date: 2016

Number of Partners: 4

Total Budget: 369K€

The Hi2TRUST project consists of an advanced system of inspection and monitoring of critical components in service (pipes, boilers), in high temperature operating conditions, up to 550ºC. In the background, it is to do an “ultrasound” to the welding state of the equipment.

The objective of this project is to overcome the physical limitations of EMAT (Electromagnetic Accoustic Transducers) inspection technology.

In this context, advanced ultrasonic inspection techniques are developed by Induced Currents and an automated visual inspection module is developed. This project includes the volumetric inspection strands, using the Phased Array (ultrasonic inspection technique) and the TOFD (Time-Of-Flight Diffraction, surface inspection, using induced currents and remote visual inspection, using advanced high definition cameras and a laser alignment system.

The integration of these techniques is complementary to the others, thus achieving the sensitivity and detection capacity of the system. The end result of the integration of these technologies will be a product that integrates radical aspects of innovation combining various advanced non-destructive control techniques that will allow inspection of all the typical defects of the target components in the said conditions of service at high temperature.

The Hi2TRUST project is a key tool to continue the development cycle already initiated by the promoters and contribute decisively to the competitiveness of the lead promoter in the inspection of components in service and to sustain their internationalization in reference external industrial sectors.