FIBR3D-Additive Manufacturing-based Hybrid Process for Long or Continuous Fibre


Develop an integrated hybrid process that combines material addition and subtraction operations and allows free-form CAD-to-Part productions using long or continuous TPRF.

Starting Date: 2016

Number of Partners: 5

Total Budget: 2.499M€

FIBR3D aims to address the following engineering issues:
– Design rules for hybrid additive manufacturing (hAM);
– Thermoplastics compounds for AM processing appropriate to high temperature and strength applications;
– Advanced extrusion heads and process concepts for AM of FRTP;
– Hybridization strategies regarding AM specifications (supports, slicing, filling, …) and material in-process properties (rheology, interfacial adhesion, layer consolidation, …);
– Software ecosystem for hAM design, pre-processing, process planning, emulating and multi-axis processing;
– 3D path generator for hAM based on a multi-objective optimization algorithm that matches the recent curved adaptive slicing method with a new transversal scheme;
– AM parameters real-time monitoring and closed-loop control; – Multiparametric nondestructive testing (NDT) tool customised for FRTP AM parts;
– Sustainable manufacturing process validated by advanced LCA/LCC models.

The main result is the development of a hybrid and integrated process that combines into a single-step platform additive and subtractive operations and allows CAD-to-Part productions with freeform shapes using long or continuous FRTP.

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