DEMI Talks January 2024


On January 17th we will have another edition of DEMI Talks.

In this next session you can count on the following agenda: 
14:00 Presentation of Short-Term Projects PID-CD 2022
Blockchain Decentralized Asset Management Tool for Industrial Symbiosis Ecosystems, IR: Radu Godina
Design and development of a biaxial testing device for material characterization (BiaxialTest), IR: José Xavier
Smart_Decision@Crisis, IR: Luís Lapão
In-situ sensorization of additively manufactured parts – A preliminary approach (ISAM), IR: Valdemar Duarte
14:30 Presentation of PID-CD 2021 Short-Term Projects
On the enhancement of data-driven damage assessment under environmental and operational variables using virtual sensing – VSHM, IR: Tiago Silva
3D Printing Technology for Functional and Color-Graded Biomimetic Ceramic Material for Dental Appliances, IR: Rui Martins
Digital Unicorn, IR: Aneesh
Monitoring Occupational Health, Safety and Productivity of Workers (Ergo4Workers), IR: Ana Teresa
15:00 Update on the Results of Short-Term Projects PID-CD 2020
Architecturally and additively manufactured materials with design by topology optimization, IR: Pedro Coelho
Specific Cutting Energy Expressions for energy rationalization in machining – Ks4MAQ, IR: Carla Machado
CHyTec – Development of Competences in Hydrogen Technology, IR: Daniel Vaz
Intelligent Inspection for WAAM I2WAAM, IR: Miguel Machado
15:15 coffee break
15:30 Presentation of the scientific developments of the doctoral scholarships awarded by UNIDEMI
BID0667-PhD-1-UNIDEMI: André Ramalho
BID0667-PhD-2-UNIDEMI: Catarina Santos
BID0667-PhD-3-UNIDEMI: Francisco Melro
BID0667-PhD-4-UNIDEMI Pedro Fonseca
BID0667-PhD-5-UNIDEMI: Pedro Rendas
BID0667-PhD-6-UNIDEMI: André Mourato
We count on your presence, in room 3.8 of Building VIII!