Caravela – Desenvolvimento e Demonstração de building blocks para microlançadores

31/SI/2017 Nº 39796

The Caravela Project consists of developing and demonstrating, in an integrated manner, technology for the main building blocks that constitute a microlauncher, based on the capabilities that already exist in Portugal in these areas

Starting Date: 2019

Number of Partners: 10

Total Budget: 168K€

The CARAVELA project, Development and Demonstration of building blocks for micro launchers, will develop and demonstrate capabilities to test different technologies (propulsion, avionics and structures) of the main constituent elements that form microlaunchers, small launchers dedicated to small satellites.

The project is led by TEKEVER SPACE in partnership with OMNIDEA, CEiiA, Aeroclube de Torres Vedras, USIMECA, FHP, UNL, UP and IST, thus bringing together leading Portuguese entities in the space sector.

CARAVELA will culminate with the integration, testing and acceptance of the subsystem test benches in accordance with the requirements established for the case study of a suborbital experimental vehicle

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