Blockchain Decentralised Asset Management Tool for Industrial Symbiosis Ecosystems (BECAME)


The study aims to explore the relationship between blockchain technology and industrial symbiosis, proposing a decentralized asset management model with incentives based on the carbon credit system concept.

Starting Date: jan 2023

Number of Partners: 0

Total Budget: 8,9K€

The main goal digitalization of industrial symbiosis (IS) through blockchain technology (BCT), in order to achieve transparent and secure information storage and transmission technology.

In terms of operation aspects, a register would allow excellent traceability of resource exchanges. This traceability would follow all types of assets over their life cycle, taking into account the intermediaries of industrial synergies. This particularity would be a strong point for indirect synergies. In addition, because of its technology for transmitting and storing information, BCT would allow better management of access to information through BCT.

Information collected through BCT would also make it possible to perform data collection and thus optimize the operation of IS. Until now, the relationships between BCT and IS have been barely discussed. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate the relationships between BCT and IS and proposing a new decentralized asset management model for industrial symbiosis ecosystems with a system of incentives based on the carbon credit system concept.