António Carlos Bárbara Grilo

Member: Integrated

SCOPUS ID: 35793121600

António Carlos Bárbara Grilo

About the researcher

I am an Academic, Researcher and Consultant with a passion for the application in real-life projects of the state of art of innovative management and technology concepts. I have been doing this for over 15 years, in Large and SME companies, public organizations, in Portugal and across Europe.

In my projects I try to be as close as possible with the real problems, being empathic with the people’s problems and designing innovative solutions that aim to solve their specific problems.

I am also an Educator, for Master, Doctorate or Post-graduate students, but also for professionals that need new advanced knowledge in my areas of expertise.

With my students, whenever it is possible I look to engage them to be involved in my research projects and to be involved in new Entrepreneurship contests and challenges. In the past we have had some successful cases, like the case of the EGGY.