Aneesh Zutshi

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Aneesh Zutshi

About the researcher

Aneesh has a Doctoral Thesis from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Digital Business Models. He holds the position of Invited Assistant Professor at Universidade Nova and has a background of Research and Industry Experience in all the areas of Digital Entrepreneurship. His main focus areas are Business Models, Blockchain and its applications, Tokenization and ICO crowdfunding, Leadership, Digital Marketing and Community Management Strategies. He has also mentored startups and been a coach at the European Innovation Academy.

He has been a consultant in the area of ICOs and Blockchain and help companies with Blockchain Marketing, Community Management Strategies and developing Business Models.

He applies a multidisciplinary approach to his research and teaching combining areas of Leadership, Technology, Management, Strategy and Behavioral Psychology . He has developed a Six Phase approach to a Change Management and Entrepreneurial Methodology at called the “Entrepreneurial Iceberg Model”. His approach is based on the realization that Organizational success is highly dependent on its ability to transform the social field which consists of the team members’ ability to develop and evolve the way they think, feel and connect to each other.

He has been involved in Entrepreneurial Education and developed curriculum for students, so that they develop awareness of the fast changing world of digital technologies and groundbreaking Business Models. But more importantly they develop the leadership skills and the creative talent to develop innovative solutions and technologies. He has also been lecturing on topics related to Strategic Management and how to help organizations evolve dynamic organizational structures, coherent strategies, collaborative technologies and motivating work environments.