14 Research Scholarships awarded to students of the Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering


The final results of the 2021 edition of the Competition for the Award of Research Grants for PhDs in All Scientific Domains, promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT-MCTES), are now known. 14 students from the Doctoral Programs in Mechanical Engineering (PhDME) and Industrial Engineering (PhDIE) were awarded scholarships this year.

Are they:
• André Filipe Gaisita Ramalho – “Development of the WAAM process and monitoring and inspection system with NDT: application to Iron-based shape memory alloys”
• André Filipe Geraldes Mourato – “A Finite Element Method and Deep Learning based Fluid-Structure Interaction Computational Framework Towards in-silicon Alysis of Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms”
• Bardia Naghshineh – “The Implications of Additive Manufacturing Adoption for Supply Chain Resilience”
• Catarina Dias dos Santos – “Human-like communication in Conversational Agents for Delivering Health Interventions”
• Cláudia Sofia João de Almeida – “Methodologies for optimal design and additive manufacturing of metamaterials combining negative property indices”
• Filipa Alexandra Grifo Cunha – “Enhancement of functionally graded material created by multi-feed wire and arc additive manufacturing using full-field identification method”
• Filipe Alberto Chindula – “Implementation of methodologies for evaluating the condition of mechanical systems, based on the analysis of procedural parameters”
• Francisco Bernardo – “Development and evaluation of technological variants of the WAAM process: application to Nickel-based superalloys”
• Francisco Levi Oliveira Merlo – “Advanced Quality Engineering Systems – Statistical Process Control”
• Isaque Alan de Brito Moura
• João Diogo Figueira Henriques – “Digital twin development in metal forming: calibration aided by digital image correlation and artificial intelligence”
• Paulo Henrique Grossi Dornelas – “Micro additive manufacturing by electric arc and wire”
• Pedro Daniel Marques Ferreira – “Self-Sensing Metallic Material Based on Piezoelectric Particles”
• Pedro Miguel Palma Rendas – “Developments in the Mechanical Behavior and Bioactivation of PEEK produced by 3D Printing for the Manufacturing of Implants”
UNIDEMI – Research Unit in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering congratulates our scholarship students, who will now develop their work plans with us.