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Fluid and Structures Engineering
Group head:João Mário Cardoso

The group members have a mixed background in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Also there are members with strong research experience in fluid mechanics while others have been predominantly involved in structural mechanics research domains. The aim of the group is high level research specialized in the fluid-structure interaction, and focusing on applications related to efficient energy production and its utilization, design of renewable energy devices, design of coastal structures and reliability of marine structures.

The group has two main research paths:

•Development of numerical models and methodologies for fluid-structure interaction studies.
•Application in the design of coastal structures.

The group members have individual experience on:

•Numerical simulation of ships and offshore structures under environmental loads.
•Numerical simulation of wave energy generation devices
•Experimental studies of bridges subjected to wind action.
•Experimental and numerical simulation of transport phenomena in swallow waters.
•Numerical simulation of air circulation inside buildings and industrial installations.
•Experimental and numerical studies of the interaction between wind and prismatic buildings.

Researchers From Fluid and Structures Engineering
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Associated Projects
Recent Main Publications
Download list of all publications of FSE (2008-2014)
Paper title
Turbulent non-uniform flows in straight compound open-channels
Numerical and experimental modeling of regular wave interacting with a composite breakwater
Numerical simulation of an oscillating water column device using a code based on NaviereStokes equations
On the error of calculation of heat gains through walls by methods using constant decrement factor and time lag values
Critical Velocity of a Uniformly Moving Load
Using ring strain sensors to measure dynamic forces in wind-tunnel testing
Simulação de Roll Waves através do software Fluent
Flow over rough mobile beds: friction factor and vertical distribution of the longitudinal mean velocity
A semi-infinite numerical wave flume using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
On the use of the transmissibility concept for the evaluation of frequency response functions
Damage detection and quantification using transmissibility. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
Multiscale modeling of bone tissue with surface and permeability control
Simulação numérica de tomadas de água utilizando as equações RANS
Numerical Simulation of an Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter: Comparison of Two Numerical Codes. The Twenty-first
Parallel computing techniques applied to the simultaneous design of structure and material
Apparent friction coefficient in straight compound channels
Damage detection and quantification using transmissibility
Optimization of Passive Vibration Isolators Mechanical Characteristics
A General Procedure for the Dynamic Analysis of Finite and Infinite Beams on Piece-Wise Homogeneous Foundation under Moving Loads
Further developments on the estimation of rigid body properties from experimental data
Numerical calculation of the wind action on buildings using Eurocode 1 atmospheric boundary layer velocity profiles
Critical Velocity of a Load Moving on a Beam with a Sudden Change of Foundation Stiffness: Applications to High-Speed Trains
Numerical modeling of bone tissue adaptation – A hierarchical approach for bone apparent density and trabecular structure
The influence of the geometric scale model on the physical modelling of the wave propagation and breaking in a flume
Interacção não linear de grupos de ondas curtas
Nonlinear Wave Diffraction by Submerged Horizontal Circular Cylinder
Numerical modeling of bone tissue adaptation - A hierarchical approach for bone apparent density and trabecular structure
Parallel Computing Techniques Applied to the Simultaneous Design of Structure and Material.
Maximum Level and Time to Peak of Dam-break Waves on Mobile Horizontal Bed
Wave overtopping of a typical coastal structure of the Portuguese coast using a SPH model
Coastal flow simulation using SPH: Wave overtopping on an impermeable coastal structure
A hierarchical model for concurrent material and topology optimization of three-dimensional structures
Structural reliability analysis using Monte Carlo simulation and neural networks
Numerical study of the air-flow in an oscillating water column wave energy converter
On the stability range of a cylindrical combustor in the flameless oxidation regime
Permeability analysis of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Optimization of Scaffolds Design for Bone Tissue Engineering: Computational and Experimental Study
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