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Manufacturing Technologies and Automation
Group head:Rosa Miranda

Manufacturing Technologies and Automation (MTA) is a group dealing with manufacturing processes whose activities involve multi physic phenomena implying different areas of knowledge.

The areas of on-going research at the moment are:

•High Speed machining of composite materials and characterization of the influence of the induced damage in the fatigue life of components.
•Study of the mechanisms of the deviation in deep-hole drilling (gun drilling)
•Joining of Shape memory alloys (SMA) in similar and dissimilar (AISI316L and Ti6Al4V) joints using a Nd/YAG laser to weld micro parts of NiTi, investigating the process and the effect of laser beam collimated radiation on the extent of induced transformations for small scale components.
•Develop strategies for surface modification by Friction Surfacing and Friction Stir Processing to improve high-strain rate super plasticity, formability and wear; exploiting manufacturing of functionally graded materials and coatings.
•Develop innovative NDT systems for micro-defects detection in processed materials, using different approaches:
•New NDT inspection methods, based on bacterial film cells, for micro fabricated components for the biomedical, mould making and electronics sectors.
•Innovative integrated and dedicated Eddy Currents oriented to detect of micro-surface defects impossible to detect with existing NDT techniques.

Researchers From Manufacturing Technologies and Automation
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Associated Projects
Recent Main Publications
Download list of all publications of MTA (2008-2014)
Paper title
Friction Stir Welding Assisted by Electrical Joule Effect
A New NDT Technique Based on Bacterial Cells to Detect Micro Surface Defects
Influence of hole diameter in high-speed drilling CFRP in Materiais
Reinforcement strategies for producing functionally graded materials by friction stir processing in aluminium alloys
A differential planar eddy currents probe: Fundamentals, modeling and experimental evaluation
New method employing the electrical impedance for monitoring mechanical damage evolution in glass-reinforced: Applications to riveted joints
Interaction time and beam diameter effects on the conduction mode limit
Electrical conductivity field analysis for evaluation of FSW joints in AA6013 and AA7075 alloys
Electrical conductivity field analysis for evaluation of FSW joints in AA6013 and AA7075 alloys
Producing functionally graded materials by friction stir processing
Functionally graded materials produced by friction stir processing
Modification of electrical conductivity by friction stir processing of aluminum alloys
Characterisation of residual stress state in laser welded low carbon mild steel plates produced in keyhole and conduction mode
Laser beam interaction with Ni-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
Comparative study of laser welding in tailor blanks for the automotive industry
Mechanical and metallurgical characterization of friction stir welding joints of AA6061-T6 with AA6082-T6
Microstructural modification and ductility enhancement of surfaces modified by FSP in aluminium alloys
Comparison of Bayesian networks and artificial neural networks for quality detection in a machining process
Rapid prototyping with high power fiber lasers
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