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Systems Engineering and Management
Group head:Virgilio Cruz-Machado

The main focus of this research group is on specific themes of industrial systems design, engineering and management, along with horizontal scientific areas of research that cover the vertical areas but also extend to the other research groups.

Currently there are 5 vertical Research Area Teams:
•Supply Chain Management
•Processes & Projects
•Quality, Six Sigma & Lean
•Digital Platforms & Interoperability
•Ergonomics & Safety

The 3 horizontal Research Area Teams are:
•Engineering Design
•Advanced Intelligent Decision Systems
•Knowledge, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Researchers From Systems Engineering and Management
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Associated Projects
Recent Main Publications
Download list of all publications of SEM (2008-2014)
Paper title
A comparison study to evaluate the role of metrological traceability in health care
Metrology survey applied in health care facilities: evaluation and outcome analysis
Matching heterogeneous e-catalogues in B2B marketplaces using vector space model
Integration of practices and customer values in a supply chain
An Interpretive Model of Occupational Safety Performance for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises
Lean, green and resilient practices influence on supply chain performance: Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach
Some Peculiarities of the Redundant Design Solutions
The effect of alcohol and drug testing at the workplace on individual’s occupational accident risk
A study of associations of occupational accidents to number of employees, and to hours worked
Key Elements to Effective Emergency Management in a School Complex
Screening for psychoactive substances at the workplace – a review
Characterization of nutrient profile of Quinoa (Chenopodium Quinoa), Amaranth (Amaranthus caudatus), and Purple Corn (Zea mays L) consumed in the North of Argentina: Proximates, Minerals and Trace elements
Quantifying Mutual Correlations Between Supply Chain Practices and Customer Values: A Case Study in the Food Industry
A Vector Space Model Approach for Searching and Matching Product E-Catalogues
Semantic and Syntactic Matching of e-Catalogues using Vector Space Model
Business Interoperability: Dyadic Supply Chain Process Decomposition Using Axiomatic Design
Evaluation of the role of metrological traceability in health care: a comparison study by statistical approach
Metrology in Health: a pilot study
Systematisation of Interoperability Body of Knowledge: the foundation for Enterprise Interoperability as a science
Ecosilient Index to assess the greenness and resilience of the upstream automotive supply chain
Failure analysis of bilge keels and its design improvement
Failure Analysis of Fuel Tanks of a Lightweight Ship
Management of Quality Related Costs: The case of the Portuguese Companies
On the selection of significant variables from unreplicated factorial designs
The wrist vibrations measured with anti-vibration gloves in a simulated work task
Implementation of the Statistical Process Control with Autocorrelated Data in an Automotive Manufacturer
Integrating Six Sigma with ISO 9001
Process Monitoring in Production Systems with Large Diversity of Products
Ensuring the Quality of Occupational Safety Risk Assessment
TRIZ: Design Problem Solving with Systematic Innovation
The Role of the Eco-Requirements in the Sustainable Product Development Based on the Axiomatic Design Principles
Experimental approaches for the estimation of uncertainty in analysis of trace inorganic contaminants in foodstuffs by ICP-MS
Optimizing UPLC isocyanate determination through a Taguchi Experimental Design approach
A risk Diagnosing Methodology web-based tool for SME’s and Start-up Entreprises
Comparative analysis of customer value dimensions
An Empirical Review On Supply Chain Integration
Development of Supply Chain Integration model through application of analytic network process and Bayesian network
Supply chain performance monitoring using Bayesian network
Modelling Lean and Green: a review from Business models
A Methodology for Designing an Interoperable Industrial Ecosystems , using the Axiomatic Design Theory
LARG Interoperable Supply Chains: from Cooperation Analysis to Design
The Design of an Interoperable Self-Supported Reverse Logistics Management System
Managing creative industries in the context of knowledge-based urban development
ICBS Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System: A Practical Methodology for Successful Strategy Formulation in the Knowledge Economy
Economic evaluation of OSH and its way to SMEs: a constructive review
Usagame - A New Methodology to Support User Centered Design of Touchscreen Applications, in Design, User Experience, and Usability
Occupational safety and health in the wind energy sector – European Risk Observatory – Report. European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)
A Review on Supply Chain Integration: Vertical and Functional Perspective and Integration models
The role of metrology in the field of medical devices
Lean , Agile , Resilient and Green Supply Chain Management Interoperability Assessment Methodology
Reliability estimation for manufacturing processes
Sustainable interoperability: The future of Internet based industrial enterprises
Supply chain redesign for resilience using simulation.
A decision-making model for Lean, Agile, Resilient and Green supply chain management.
An integrated model to assess the leanness and agility of the automotive industry
A strategic diagnostic tool applied to Iberian ports: A evolutionary perspective
Entrepreneurial Excellence in the Knowledge Economy: Intellectual Capital Benchmarking Systems (ICBS)
An assessment of Recovsat utilization for different service typologies
Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade - Ambiente, Segurança, Responsabilidade Social, Indústria, Serviços, Administração Pública e Educação
Responses Modeling and Optimization Criteria Impact on the Optimization of Multiple Quality Characteristics
Optimization of the mean and standard deviation of multiple responses
Tackling with Redundant Design Solutions Through Axiomatic Design
Qualidade: Planeamento e Controlo Estatístico de Processos
Fuzzy approach for reducing subjectivity in estimating occupational accident severity
Dimensional and Geometrical Tolerancing in Robust Design Environment
Expression of Measurement Uncertainty in Teaching of Mechanical Engineering
Finding occupational accident patterns in the extractive industry using a systematic data mining approach
Multivariate control chart with a deployed matrix for autocorrelated data
Relationships between cost and aspect ratio in the design of pressure vessels
Influence of Green and Lean Upstream Supply Chain Management Practices on Business Sustainability
Information Model for LARGeSCM Interoperable Practices
Fuzzy evaluation model to assess interoperability in LARG Supply Chains
Ecosilient index to assess the greenness and resilience of the upstream automotive supply chain
The need of cost estimating in the implementation of Concurrent Engineering
The nexus between OSH and subcontracting
Combining FDSS and simulation to improve Supply Chain resilience
Sustainable design of material handling equipment: a win-win approach for manufacturers and customers
Challenging electronic procurement in the AEC sector: A BIM-based integrated perspective
Supply Chain Resilience Using the Mapping Approach
The Resilience Paradigm in the Supply Chain Management: A Case Study.
The influence of green practices on supply chain performance: A case study approach
An exploratory study of the Work Ability Index (WAI) and its components in a group of computer workers
A Model for Evaluating Lean, Agile, Resilient and Green Practices Interoperability in Supply Chains Book Series:
The control of alcohol and drugs and occupational accidents at the «Trains of Portugal»: data analysis
Desirability function approach: A review and performance evaluation in adverse conditions
Multiresponse Optimization and Pareto Frontiers
Assessing Response’s Bias, Quality of Predictions, and Robustness in Multiresponse Problems
The efforts in the forearm during the use of anti-vibration gloves in simulated work tasks
“Repeatability in Design Science
Occupational risk assessment in construction industry – Overview and reflection
Designing the design of new businesses for raising venture capital
Six sigma scale as a quality criterion for aggregation of food property measures
Balancing Flexible Production Lines
Integração do custo e do desempenho na fase inicial do projecto de produtos - estudo de caso de reservatórios pressurizados
Manufacturing paradigms in Supply Chain Management
Decision-making models for interoperable Lean, Agile, Resilient and Green Supply Chains
Supply Chain Integration Methodology : LARGe Supply Chain Supply Chain Integration
The Recording, Investigation and Analysis of Accidents at Work (RIAAT) process
Value proposition on interoperability of BIM and collaborative working environments
The Role of Creative Industries in Stimulating Intellectual Capital in Cities and Regions.
Multiple response optimization: a global criterion-based method
Simultaneous Optimization of Mean and Standard Deviation
Optimization Measures for Assessing Compromise Solutions in Multiresponse Problems
An Alternative Method for Dual Response Optimization
The Friction Force Mouse-Pad and the Forearm Muscles Efforts
Taxonomy and a framework for occupational risk assessment procedures
Evaluation of Complexity for Tolerancing Solutions of Mechanical Systems Using Pugh’s Criteria
A semi-quantitative assessment of occupational risks using bow-tie representation
The conceptual design of an adjustment block for application in fixturing building
A failure analysis of exhaust systems for naval gas turbines. Part II: Design changes
Process improvement measures in social area organisations: a study in instituions for elderly: survey results
Gestão por Processos e melhoria do Desempenho
Axiomatic Design and HVAC Systems
On the Equilibrium Configuration of Mooring and Towing Cables
Axiomatic Design and HVAC Systems: an efficient design decision-making criterion
Using wire electrical discharge machining for improved corner cutting accuracy of thin parts
Workplace and organisational factors in accident analysis within the food industry
New Product Development Process on High-Tech Innovation Life Cycle
Intellectual capital: A phenomenon of interrelationships
Lean, agile, resilient and green supply chain: a review
FAST ERGO_X – a tool for ergonomic auditing and work-related musculoskeletal disorders prevention
Unleashing the Potential of the European Knowledge Economy: Value Proposition Enterprise
A Supply Chain Disturbances Classification
Supply Chain Vulnerability: Environment Changes and Dependencies
Modelling fatigue crack propagation in CT specimens
Intellectual capital and business performance in Portuguese banking industry
Application of quality methodologies to the development of a website
Economics aspects and organisational performance – a study in Setúbal Care Homes for Elderly Persons
The added value of the new ESAW/ Eurostat variables in accident analysis in the mining and quarrying industry
TOC Perspective to Improve the Management of Collaborative Networks
A Critical Chain Perspective to Support Management Activities in Dynamic Production Networks
Axiomatic Design as Support for Decision-Making in a Design for Manufacturing Context: a Case Study
Process Capability in Services
The risk of distal upper limbs disorders in cleaners: A modified application of the Strain Index method
Permeability analysis of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Optimization of Scaffolds Design for Bone Tissue Engineering: Computational and Experimental Study
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