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Maria do Céu Ferreira
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Specialization:Quality, Metrology, Health Metrology
Biography:Maria do Céu Ferreira hold a Degree in chemistry engineering, Master in Industrial Engineering., Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, with research focused on the study of metrological traceability of medical devices with a measuring function. For over 19 years professionally has taken a Metrologist position in conception, development and implementation of metrological activities related to scientific, legal and applied Metrology. Her scientific interest falls in the area of Quality Engineering mainly focused on Health Metrology and Quality Assurance applied to measuring instruments. Large teaching experience covering topics such as Metrology (Scientific, Applied and Legal), Measurement Uncertainty Analyses and Quality Systems Management. She is also Quality Auditor in the field of accredited laboratories and qualified entities. Regular speaker in seminars and congresses focusing Metrology and Quality issues and National contact person for WELMEC (WG 7, WG11) and OIML (TC 17, TC 18).
Research group:Systems Engineering and Management
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A comparison study to evaluate the role of metrological traceability in health care International outcome measurement conference (Conference)
Metrology survey applied in health care facilities: evaluation and outcome analysis NCSLI Measure: The Journal of Measurement Science (Journal)
Evaluation of the role of metrological traceability in health care: a comparison study by statistical approach Accreditation and Quality Assurance (Journal)
Metrology in Health: a pilot study IMEKO TC 1 – TC 7 – TC 13 Joint Symposium. (Journal)
The role of metrology in the field of medical devices International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering (Journal)
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