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VortalWAY - Cloud Computing for Electronic Platforms

The VortalWay project main goal is to develop upon a B2B platform a set of procurement services based on the Cloud Computing service approach. These will be applied on a wide range of business sectors such as Building & Construction, Public Administration, Health, etc. VortalWay project is also expected to contribute to interoperability among B2B platforms, namely the ones related to procurement activities. With this feature, the new Cloud Services can be triggered by any consumer, on any B2B platform, and can also be replied in any independent platform. Finally, the VortalWay project, will deliver new advanced features for e-catalogues, through data categorization based on a sophisticated product mapping mechanisms and semantic search within different e-catalogues, enhancing with this, user requests for certain items.




Funding organization: QREN – COMPETE, IAPMEI


Project website: http://vortalway.vortal.pt/ Main achievements: Project VortalWay was initiated to address interoperability in e-procurement platforms and to find new paradigms for the e-marketplaces. By the end of the project we have achieved to implement and test distributed architecture for e-marketplaces following the cutting edge technologies like MDA, SOA and cloud computing

Start date:01 Nov 2010
End date:01 Nov 2012
Main researcher:António Grilo, Assistant Professor
Research group:Systems Engineering and Management
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