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Projects > ServRobot - reconfigurable and all terrain Service Robot with autonomous behaviors
ServRobot - reconfigurable and all terrain Service Robot with autonomous behaviors

This project aims to research and develop new technologies that allow the creation of a mobile robot capable of moving autonomously with capabilities of mechanical reconfiguration and optimization of energy consumption, thus being able to adapt to different types of use and different kinds of scenarios, able to collect sensory information from a specific remote site and act autonomously based on that information. The research and development advocated in this project will enable the development of a new product for security and surveillance purposes, allowing the integration of telemonitoring systems from a mobile device capable of autonomous decision, changing the current paradigm of surveillance, which relies on cameras and security officer. The development project of ServRobot is of high strategic value for Holos as it aims to consolidate the activities of industrial research and experimental development undertaken by the company in the field of service robots.




Funding organization: Funded by QREN \\\\\\"Mais Centro-Programa Operacional Regional do Centro\\\\\\"


Main achievements: • Mechanical system: all-terrain mobile robot reconfigurable and adaptable to different operational and morphological scenarios with electric drive; • Power System: Management of propulsion battery with predictability and reliability, energy management of the mobile robot in a safely and quickly manner, fast enough load in many scenarios and adverse conditions; • Control System: Control reconfigurable by mechanical changes, robot with autonomous behaviour, its easy adaptability to different environmental and service conditions; • Maintenance and Reliability: Development and integration of diagnostic modules condition allowing effective operation of the mobile robot, the robot optimization maintenance.

Start date:01 Jan 2010
End date:01 Jan 2012
Main researcher:Jorge Pamies Teixeira, Full Professor
Research group:Manufacturing Technologies and Automation
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