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Projects > Improved magnets for energy generation through advanced tidal technology (MAGNETIDE)
Improved magnets for energy generation through advanced tidal technology (MAGNETIDE)

This project aims to characterize magnetic samples produced by Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) specifically designed for tidal energy capture systems. The electrical properties were analyzed with different techniques: measurement of average electrical conductivity with both two-point technique and four-point technique, and also with eddy current technique. The electrical impedance profile of the samples were performed by eddy currents and the electrical conductivity profile were measured by a four-point probe. Magnetic properties were analyzed using the Hall Effect probe and morphological defects by X ray.


Partners: FCT-UNL, UNIDEMI, IST Funding organization: IST (PT) / 7FP


Project website: http://www.magnetide.eu/about/


Main achievements: Characterization of magnetic materials produced by Powder Injection Moulding (PIM).

Reference:284578 Funded under FP7-SME
Start date:01 Nov 2013
End date:01 Nov 2014
Main researcher:Telmo dos Santos, Assistant Professor
Research group:Manufacturing Technologies and Automation
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