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Projects > Integrated Nano Sensor Probes and Electronics for Eddy Currents Testing (INSPECT)
Integrated Nano Sensor Probes and Electronics for Eddy Currents Testing (INSPECT)

This project aims to develop a state of the art Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) system to overcome current testing limitations on some specific industrial applications. The system will include a new eddy currents probe, combining coils and a Magnetoresistive (MR) sensors array. Results will be displayed in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) running on a computer connected with the developed system. Characterization and testing on real and relevant NDT applications will evaluate the new system performance. Since the probe aims to be efficient for both superficial (requiring high frequency operation) and buried defects (requiring low frequency operation), coils have the disadvantage of having a frequency dependent sensitivity, which is lower at low frequencies. Moreover, coils also have a low spatial resolution, due to its millimeters range size.




Funding organization: Science and Technology Foundation (PT)


Project website: http://www.inesc-id.pt/projects.php?pid=7452&Ano=10&prj=IP01039


Main achievements: A new NDT system for application to real non-destructive testing problems. The developed probe, electronics and final digital signal processing architecture performance on this applications will be compared with a commercial NDT system.

Reference:PTDC /EEI-PRO/3219/2012
Start date:01 May 2013
End date:01 May 2015
Main researcher:Telmo dos Santos, Assistant Professor
Research group:Manufacturing Technologies and Automation
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