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Projects > INOVGAS -Technology for Seamless Pressure Vessel Manufacture
INOVGAS -Technology for Seamless Pressure Vessel Manufacture

The Inovgas technology is centred around a process for producing pressure vessel shells by cold forming of aluminium tube. This process involves a specialized tool mounted on a hydraulic press and a recyclable mandrel made with a low melting point alloy.




Funding organization: QREN


Main achievements: Considerable knowledge was acquired in two main areas: - The forming tool uses specially shaped dies with the form of the desired pressure vessel head. By controlling the press stroke, the initial length and the thickness of the tube, it is possible to produce a range of different vessels to use for gas and fluid storage (monolithic tank application) or as liners for overwrapping. - New production processes for monolithic vessels

Reference:QREN 5572
Start date:01 Jan 2009
End date:01 Jan 2011
Main researcher:Jorge Pamies Teixeira, Full Professor
Research group:Manufacturing Technologies and Automation
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