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Support Ecosystems for Digital Startups - DIGISTART

The project DIGISTART aims to provide a supporting European-Wide ecosystem for helping Web Entrepreneurs especially University Students navigate through the challenges by supporting and connecting them to the right resources. It aims to build a supporting ecosystem of innovation activities that would harness the capabilities of the largest European online platform for startups and web entrepreneurs: F6S, to deliver an enhanced web-based platform. It aims to bring about increased networking and coordination between the various business accelerators, investors, mentors across Europe to coordinate their activities to reach a much wider audience. It further helps to support the academic and research community by proposing academic curriculum to imbibe entrepreneurship skills to university students and to develop Business Analytical Tools that can help digital startups optimise their business models and pricing decisions.


Partners: UNIDEMI (PT), Beta-i (PT) , F6S (UK), Clusterland Sweden (SW)


Funding organization: EU - H2020


Main achievements: Project DIGISTART will support Entrepreneurs by developing a platform where new business ideas can be submitted online, and a network of Professionals, Business Angels, Academicians and Established Entrepreneurs will be encouraged volunteer to evaluate single page proposals or elevator pitches and then mentor the best ideas to mature further. Also a freely available repository of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) shall be created that shall encompass a Business Tutorials, Success Cases, and Entrepreneurship Courses aimed at different types of Entrepreneurs but with a special emphasis on the young and women entrepreneurs.

Reference:644847 - DIGISTART
Start date:01 Jan 2015
End date:01 Jul 2017
Main researcher:António Grilo, Assistant Professor
Research group:Systems Engineering and Management
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