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Delta ReThink Project

Currently, the management and recovery of waste has become a priority for industrialized countries for what it represents, whether for the growth/sustainable development, or for the environmental impact. UNIDEMI participated in Delta ReThink Project developing an effective model for collecting and transporting coffee grounds that reduced the carbon footprint. The study involved the simulation of scenarios to assist decision making of the manager of a relevant department of Delta that is responsible for manage around 16% of the coffee sold in Portugal in the HoReCa market, with roughly 3,000 food retailers.


Partners: Novadelta, UNIDEMI, Diverge, Ecochoice, IBET, IPL-ESAD, Sinmetro e TPS


Funding organization: QREN SI I&DT - Projetos Individuais


Project website: www.planetadelta.pt Main achievements: Logistics modeling of the collection system, transportation and warehousing of Delta coffee grounds. The study shows how scenarios analysis can support the decision making process related with the selection of an efficient and sustainable model for collection and transportation of coffee waste from customers.

Start date:02 Jan 2009
End date:02 Jan 2012
Main researcher:Virgilio Cruz-Machado, Full Professor
Research group:Systems Engineering and Management
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