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Projects > Dedicated NDT system to detect LOP root defects in FSW of AlMgSc alloys
Dedicated NDT system to detect LOP root defects in FSW of AlMgSc alloys

The overall objective was to develop a dedicated and reliable Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) system to detect Lack of Penetration (LOP) root defects in Friction Stir Welding (FSW) of AlMgSc alloys increasing limit threshold. The specific objectives were: i) Production and characterization of FSW specimens with different LOP ii) Optimization and production of the eddy current NDT IOnic Probes iii) Development and production of dedicated electronic and automated mechanical devices and software for FSW inspection iv) Experimental validation of the reliability of the entire NDT system The ultimate goal was to provide a functional semi-industrial prototype of the complete NDT system.


Partners: INESC, IST, IT, HZG (DE)

Reference:Within the frame of TP104 Metallic Fuselage
Start date:02 Jan 2012
End date:02 Jan 2014
Main researcher:Telmo dos Santos, Assistant Professor
Research group:Manufacturing Technologies and Automation
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