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Projects > Analysis of laser welding for nondestructive process (NDT-LASER)
Analysis of laser welding for nondestructive process (NDT-LASER)

This project aims to develop and apply a customized Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) system comprising two distinct NDT techniques, complementary and redundant, in order to allow the identification of all types of defect morphologies possible to occur in the laser brazed welds, improving the reliability inspection. The NDT techniques are: Alternating Current Potential Drop Measurement (ACPDM) and eddy currents (EC).




Funding organization: Autoeuropa (PT)


Main achievements: An integrated and customized NDT system constituted by: probes, chassis and the electronics for signal generation and acquisition, system control and software.

Reference:Within the frame of Body Shop Welding Department
Start date:01 Sep 2014
End date:01 Sep 2015
Main researcher:Rosa Miranda, Associate Professor with Habilitation
Research group:Manufacturing Technologies and Automation
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