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Supply Chain Management: design for resilient systems

The project intends to develop a management support system prototype. This prototype is being designed to assist managers in case of companies’ instability, as a result from a disturb occurrence in its Supply Chain (SC). It is intended to increase company’s resilience and, consequently, to increase the SC resilience. The prototype has two basic objectives: i) To provide performance indicators to managers, as a result from the application of different contingency plans. The managers will have available information that allows an effective, efficient and prompt decision making. ii) To gather the information to assist managers in the definition of plans to mitigate the effects of disturbs that, by their nature, are repetitive and/or inflict serious penalty for the company.


This project has been funded by Fundação da Ciência e Tecnologia, IP.

Start date:01 Jan 2007
End date:31 Dec 2010
Main researcher:Virgilio Cruz-Machado, Full Professor
Research group:Systems Engineering and Management
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