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Intelligent, Interactive and Immersive Buildings - 3i Buildings

3i Buildings Project – Intelligent, Interactive and Immersive Buildings aims to develop a management tool targeted for complex urban infrastructures (hospitals, shopping centers, airports, etc.), capable of capturing a large volume of data generated inside and in real time through "things" sensors (equipment, spaces, objects, etc.) and people (opinions, levels of satisfaction, comfort, etc). Beyond communication "building - management center" and "users - management center", achieved through the application of concepts Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Internet of People (IoP)), the project aims to integrate the state of the art scientific body Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and gamification in order to extend the dialogue and make it bidirectional. This approach involves infrastructure people a dynamic and continuous interaction between them, supported by appealing interfaces and intelligent systems in business intelligence (BI) that process information and generate responses that maximize the customer experience and allow through Artificial Intelligence algorithms optimize the various operating systems of internal infrastructure. The management system 3i (intelligent, interactive and immersive) to develop should also integrate the Building Information Model (BIM) technology, centering on the 3D model of the building all the information on the building, which, in addition to significantly increase the capacity of information management, will enhance the interaction of the manager and the user with the building.




Funding organization: QREN – COMPETE, IAPMEI


Main achievements: Three pilots are currently being developed, in Hospital da Luz, Oceanário e Norteshopping for testing AI algorithms for energy eficiency and safety.

Start date:01 Jan 2014
End date:01 Jul 2015
Main researcher:António Grilo, Assistant Professor
Research group:Systems Engineering and Management
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