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SEMANTIK aims to bring Semantic Web standards to internal Competitive Intelligence and Business Intelligence activities. Searching web sources and normalizing data to internal databases and ontologies that later are processed to bring up-to-date and reliable insights about the business environment: • Creation of integrated models of models and approaches of Intellectual Capital, the Strategic Foresight and Knowledge Management organizations. • Creation of a meta- model based on ontology and folksonomy development of Business. • Development of an aggregating platform semantic information based on research and web crawlers (Radian6 , Google , SM2 , etc. ) engine that lets you search information taking into account linguistic differences • Interface with the extremely intuitive and user friendly in terms of research and in terms of output results SEMANTIK vision is to change the way companies use web sources to support decision-making.


Partners: UNIDEMI, STEPVALUE Funding organization: QREN – COMPETE, IAPMEI


Main achievements: Two pilots are currently being developed, the first in the hotels / hospitality sector, and the second pilot in the web sales of second-hand automotives.

Start date:01 Jan 2013
End date:31 Dec 2014
Main researcher:António Grilo, Assistant Professor
Research group:Systems Engineering and Management
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