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Paper > A Review on Supply Chain Integration: Vertical and Functional Perspective and Integration models
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Economics and Management

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This paper reviews a sample of the literature relating to vertical and functional perspectives toward supply chain integration as well as integration models. Considering the extensive amount of literature on supply chain integration, it appears that it is still in its infancy. Although the need for integration is pointed out by both academic and industrial experts, little works has been carried out in terms of developing a comprehensive integration system. This study reviews a sample of recent and classic literature, and in doing so throw light on different aspects of supply chain integration. It discusses and criticizes the current state of literature on this context so that future researches find directions to contribute to missing points and remove obstacles. The scope of this review is limited to a cross-section of the literature in this area. As such, it cannot, and does not, attempt to be an examination of the full range of the literature, but a sampling of important and influential works.


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