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Research and Development Unit for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Education and Research Service

Early Decisions in Engineering Design



What it is


Taking the most number of the main decisions of the engineering design process at the early phases of the process. Through knowledge anticipation is possible to avoid redesigning tasks at stages where the changes implies many other changes and have higher costs.


Services provided:




-       Simplification methods

-       Fast budgeting 

-       Systematization of knowledge from cases

-       Hierarchy of the process tasks

-       Relation between performance and cost

-       Data bases building

-       Approaches to decision making

-       Bridging engineering design tools and theories for application to real cases



-       Teaching courses at MSc and PhD level.

-       Promoting courses for the Industry.



This research has application on one-off products design, and on prototypes, allowing to have an early idea of the performance and costs, reducing the time to market, for

National & International Companies



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