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Research and Development Unit for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Education and Research Service

Welding and joining technologies



What it is


Innovation in joining and welding sciences and technologies has been creating significant contributions to human life conditions. The impact on global quality of life through the application of advanced welding technologies can improve safety, productivity and competitiveness.


Services provided:



-       Laser Welding

-       Friction Stir Welding and Processing

-       Dissimilar joining

-       Process development

-       Welding metallurgy

-       Fumes and nanoparticles characterization



-       Teaching courses at MSc in welding Engineering and PhD level


Cooperation & Networks

-       Cranfield Univ. MTC and TWI (UK), Waterloo Univ. (CA), École Centrale de Nantes (FR), Centro Láser de Madrid (SP), Graz Univ. (AT), Tshingua Univ. (China), Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (DE), Aalto Univ. (FI). Univ. Federal Paraná (BR), Univ Tennessee (USA)

-       with national organizations: Coimbra, Porto and Lisbon Universities, Portuguese Welding and Quality Institute, national and international companies based in Portugal

-       EU Joining and Manunet platforms


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