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TRIZ - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving



What it is


TRIZ methodology is a science of creativity that relies on the study of patterns of problems and solutions, and not the spontaneous and intuitive creativity of individuals or groups.


Services provided:




-       TRIZ as a problem-solving process. Levels of innovation. Formulation of problems. Technical and physical contradictions. Resource analysis. Ideality of systems. Scientific effects and application of databases. Inventive principles and contradiction matrix. Creative Pattern Solutions and Substance-Field Model. Algorithm for Creative Problem Solving (ARIZ). Evolution of systems. Instruments to overcome the mental inertia. Process of problem solving. TRIZ & Lean. TRIZ & Ergonomics. TRIZ & Axiomatic Design. TRIZ & Project Management. TRIZ & TOC.



-       Teaching courses at MSc & PhD level, Post-graduation programs. Tutorial sessions, promoting courses and In-company courses.


International networks

-       Strong position in the TRIZ International Community: ETRIA & MATRIZ.



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