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Statistical Process Control



What it is


Statistical Process Control is focused on processes' monitorization, envisaging variability reduction and assessing their ability to fulfil pre-defined specifications.

Services provided:




-       Univariate SPC

-       Multivariate SPC (MSPC)

-       Short Run SPC

-       New Approaches to SPC

-       SPC with autocorrelated data



Courses at MSc & PhD level, Post-graduation programs and In-company courses on:

-       Traditional SPC using The Shewhart Charts

-       Short Run SPC using Z/W and Q Charts

-       MSPC using T2 Charts

-       CUSUM and EWMA Charts to control the process mean and variance

-       SPC applied to processes with significant autocorrelation, using the ARIMA models



-       Portuguese Association for Quality

-       Companies


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