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Ciências e Tecnologia
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Research and Development Unit for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Education and Research Service

Safety Management



What it is



Safety deals with the condition of being "safe". It is the state of being protected from hazards and hazardous situations that might cause accidents, errors or failures, resulting in damage, injury, illness or any other undesired consequences for humans or environment.



Services provided:




-       Risk Analysis (RA)

-       Accident Investigation and Analysis (AIA)

-       Safety Management Systems (SMS)


-       occupational (workers individual risk)

-       - operational/industrial (related to main activity and operations)


-      Courses MSc & PhD, Post-graduation

-      Short courses for the Industry, City Councils and Governmental Bodies

Developments & Studies:

-      Methods and analytical tools (applications)

-      Specialized studies



-      FCT – Foundation for Science & Technology

-      National Authorities, Public sector

-      Private Companies


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