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Ciências e Tecnologia
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Research and Development Unit for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Education and Research Service

Mechanical Systems Design



What it is


The process by which resources are converted into useful mechanical forms, or mechanisms so as to obtain useful output from the mechanical systems in the desired form as per fulfill the needs of the human beings.


Services provided:




Machine design process to select proper materials and dimensions based on the loads and strength of material, to support efforts acting on the machine, and specify the manufacturing process for the components and the whole machine, at the lowest possible cost and optimum performance.



Teaching courses at MSc and PhD level, about building of new machines or to improve the existing machines.

Promoting short courses for the Industry to:

-       Identify the main customer needs.

-       State the Functional Requirements that satisfy the Customer needs.

-       Select the design principals to be used in the objects, to be able to perform the required functions.

-       Embodiment and detail designing.

-       Product Documentation



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