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Axiomatic Design (AD)



What it is


The ultimate goal of axiomatic design is to establish a scientific basis for design and to improve design activities by providing the designer with a theoretical foundation based on logical and rational thought processes and tools.


Services provided:



-      Redundant design;

-      Methods to tackle coupled designs.

-      Studies on compatibility with other design theories and methodologies (e.g. TRIZ, DSM, QFD, DFSS, etc.).

-      Case studies to support theoretical developments.



-      Lecturing at MSc and PhD level.

-      Tutorial sessions in high-level conferences on engineering design.

-      Short training programs for the Industry.


International notoriety

Strong position in International Community. AD is currently lectured/researched in top-tier engineering schools (MIT, KAIST, Univ. of Tokyo, DTU). It is used by many organizations involved in design, e.g. world-class aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics industries, and by services like hospitals and consumer packaged goods services.



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