fct Faculdade de
Ciências e Tecnologia
da Universidade Nova de lisboa


Research and Development Unit for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Education and Research Service

Enterprise Portfolio, Program and Project Management Design



What it is


Design entrepreneurial efficient Portfolio, Program and Project Management Systems for Innovation sustainability

Services provided:




-       LSS and TLS Management system design,

-       Lean Six Sigma & Triz approaches for processes management improvement,

-       TLS Assessment & Deployment,



Teaching courses at MSc, PhD, Post-graduation programs and In-company short courses on:

-       Project Management,

-       Portfolio and Program Management,

-       Theory of Constraints (TOC),  and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) management systems,

-       Strategy deployment and LSS tools

-       Tools for Systematic Innovation 



-       International Project Management Associaton (IPMA) Research Board /GPM

-       University of Alberta

-       Siemens, Delphy, Portugal Telecom, A.J.Costa (AJC)










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