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Allocation of mechanical tolerances (AMT)



What it is


AMT is a rational way to increment the capability of the production systems from the design phase. Determining appropriate tolerances for components is a challenging concurrent design task.


Services provided:




-      Models for synthesis and analysis of tolerances.

-      Influence of geometrical tolerances on the clearances of assemblies.

-      Defining strategies of assembly based on Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing.

-      Establishing synergies with Statistical Process Control



-       Teaching courses at MSc and PhD level.

-       Promoting courses for the Industry.

-       Contribution for divulgation and practicability of the AMT in the industry.



This research is attractive to the application of mechanics for electronics, particularly, in the development of precise devices (automotive industry, communications, medicine, etc.).

-       Foundation for Science & Technology)

-       National & International Companies



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