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Research and Development Unit for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

About us


UNIDEMI is a research centre hosted by the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (DEMI), of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (FCT) da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). UNIDEMI’s Vision is:

“Achieve world class Excellence in research, development and entrepreneurial results in the scientific areas of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management, measured by worldwide recognition by peers, prospective PhD candidates, companies and public organizations.”

UNIDEMI structure has 3 Research Groups:

Systems Engineering and Management (SEM) - has vertical scientific research areas, that focus on specific themes of industrial systems design, engineering and management, along with horizontal scientific areas of research that cover the vertical areas but also extend to the other research groups.

Manufacturing and Technology Automation (MTA) - has a high focus on advanced manufacturing processes oriented to laser welding, friction stir processing, composites machining and non-destructive testing.

Fluids and Structures Engineering (FSE) – has a high focus on specific scientific areas of fluid-structure interaction, namely on applications related to efficient energy production and its utilization, and design of coastal structures and reliability of marine structures. 

The Strategic Objectives of UNIDEMI until 2020 are:

• Achieve Excellence in Research and Development Activities • Create an Excellent Nurturing Space for New Researchers • Developing Excellence in Embedding Leading-edge Scientific Knowledge into Business Fabric • Generating Excellent Multidisciplinary and Internationally Networked Research Teams  

UNIDEMI is currently involved in 2 Doctoral programs: Industrial Engineering (PDEI), and Mechanical Engineering (PDEM). Since 2008 the PDEI and PDEM 16 PhD students have been awarded the doctoral degree. 

UNIDEMI is integrated in DEMI premises, and includes 9 main specialized laboratories, with equipment that supports research of the scientific areas: 
 • Quality Engineering Laboratory • Metrology Laboratory • Ergonomics Laboratory • Laboratory of Machines • Information and Advanced Decision Making Multipurpose Laboratory • Laboratory of Structural Mechanics • Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory • Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanics • Laboratory for Integrated Development of Products and Processes 

The laboratories designed and equipped education and experimental research work and occupy a total of 1.920 square meters. 

UNIDEMI integrates 85 researchers: 30 are integrated Research Members and 55 are collaborators. In the last evaluation process UNIDEMI got a VERY GOOD evaluation from the FCT review panel.

UNIDEMI Eduction and Research services are:

Allocation of mechanical tolerances (AMT)
Axiomatic Design (AD)
Computational Biomechanics
Composite Materials Machining
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Digital Platforms & Interoperability
Early Decisions in Engineering Design
Energy Sustainability in Buildings Ventilation
Energy Efficiency
Energy Technologies
Engineering Design Process
Enterprise Portfolio, Program and Project Management Design
Fluid-Structures Interaction
Heat Transfer in Machining and Welding
Hydraulic Transient Analysis
Intellectual Capital
Knowledge Management
Lean Management
Logistics Management
Machine Dynamics
Machining Technologies (MT)
Maintenance & Reliability Management
Materials Handling Systems (MHS)
Measurement’s Performance
Mechanical Systems Design
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Occupational Safety and Health
Quality in Services
Risk Management
Response Surface Methodology
Safety Management
Systems Resilience
Six Sigma Methodology
Statistical Process Control
Structural Optimization
Supply Chain Management
Sustainability in business ecosystems
Sustainable Design
TRIZ - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
Theoretical, Experimental and Operational Modal Analysis
Uncertainty Management in Productive Systems
Weldability and welding metallurgy
Welding and joining technologies

UNIDEMI is supported by several sponsors and partners with numerous organizations worldwide.


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